Calling All Holiday Light Display Lovers

Many small towns and big cities alike offer residents and visitors light shows and other holiday displays. They’re beautiful and inspiring. The adults are impressed with the work that went into it, while the kids stare wide-eyed at the colors and patterns.

If you love holiday light displays and you’re looking for a fun site to plan a trip around this holiday season, then here’s one you’ve got to consider.

Thanksgiving Point is 55 acres of farm, museums, and themed gardens located in Lehi, Utah. In Ashton Garden, a one-mile walk winds through light displays. Add in the ability to pat a real live reindeer, eat gingerbread at the Gingerbread Display, and have a family picture taken in the beautifully lighted Gazebo, and you’ll have a light show you won’t soon forget.


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When you make your trip to Thanksgiving Point, here’s what to expect.

You’ll begin on the path with thousands of timed multicolored lights in holiday shapes like Santa, reindeer, candy canes, Christmas trees, boats, and more. Stop in the Gingerbread Display to warm up a bit and munch on a delicious holiday tradition.

You’ll pass the Peppermint section next. Inhale deeply, and you’ll smell the essence of the holiday spirit. The lights form candy cane shapes, and the trees are gaily lit with red and white lights. Further along the path, you’ll come to a pine forest where you again can breathe in the scents of the season.

As you walk along, you’ll notice the trees illumined with pink and purple lights. The streams have no water in them due to the season, but the beds are lit as well. You’ll appreciate the lit flower shapes like poinsettia and flowers that look like beautifully lit stars.

Now you’ll enter the reindeer area. You can pat live reindeer, feed them from a snack area, learn about them from the guide there, as well as look at the stunning light display around the area. You and the kids can try your skills at ring toss on reindeer antlers or toss bean bags.

Your next stop will The Light of the World. Here you’ll find life-sized statues of the Christ backlit by Christmas lights. There’s a kind of hush over this area. You’ll feel the reason for the spirit of the holiday.

The Light of the World is a hard act to beat, but the Secret Garden and Secret Tunnel have it covered. If you’ve ever seen a botanical garden, then imagine it cleverly featuring multicolored lights in various shapes and designs. It will take your breath away. Once you pass through the Secret Garden, you’ll trip along the Secret Tunnel’s stunning lights.

Your last stop along the path is a rest stop before heading back to the beginning. Grab a snack or toast chilly fingers and toes before enjoying it all again or perhaps looking at something you missed. Back at the beginning, marvel at the lights carpeting the downhill slope timed to the tunes of holiday music.

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