This Man Founded a Company To Create 1 Million Jobs For People With Autism

Specialisterne, a non-profit social enterprise that operates in 12 countries and partners with corporations, universities, high schools, and community agencies, has created more than 10,000 jobs for people with different abilities.
Its aim is to make a change by examining traditional recruiting, training and on-boarding practices to assist companies to employ work-ready neurodiverse talent.
It all started when the son of its founder, Thorkil Sonne, was diagnosed with ‘infantile autism, normal intelligence” at age 3. At this point, Thorkil joined and soon became president of a local chapter of Autism Denmark, where he realized that people with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) do not often get the chance to use their skills in the labor market.
Sonne has worked with IT within telecommunication companies for 15 years, so he recognized the skills in people with ASD,  so he decided to start up the enterprise. He asked for a loan on his house and with the support of his family, he started working on making his dream come true.
His not-for-profit foundation works hard to create one million jobs globally for people with autism.
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